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July The Vote Instagram Series

The November election is only a few months away. Not only will the outcome determine the next presidency, but state elections will affect the redistricting of congressional districts for the next 10 years. If we want to do away with unfair and racist gerrymandering and bring justice to underrepresented communities, we must get out the vote.

Throughout July, various social media infographics will be provided for you to share, aimed at educating people on civic engagement and registering new voters. Each graphic will include descriptive content along with a space for users to tag friends and share their input to a prompt.

Text @julyvote to 81010 to join the initiative and receive the infographics!

Let's get out the vote this November! Join the initiative by texting @julyvote to 81010 🗳
Leola Ross
Voter Services Chair, League of Women Voters of Fort Bend
I'll be glad to help with providing any detailed information to use in your graphics -- regarding how to register, how to vote, how to find out if you're already registered, etc., etc. If you register to vote and VOTE... (More)